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Winter Tree Care

Winter Tree Care – How Can I Help My Trees This Winter?

Do You Need Help With Your Winter Tree Care?

Branch Breakage

To help prevent branch breakage in the Winter, it is important that you have good Fall Maintenance done. We see branches break more often in the Winter because the wood hardens (becoming more brittle), and with the weight of snow on top of it all, branch breakages are inevitable. A solution for very small trees and shrubs that a lot of people have, might be to cover the entire tree with a sturdy tent-like housing. And, for larger evergreens, you might think about using some rope to tie up and reinforce branches.

What is Cold Stress?winter tree care

Cold Stress is caused by rapid changes in temperature that can cause damage to trees – especially more mature ones. From those kinds of extreme fluctuations to the damaging dry spells and deep freezes, there are several cold stresses your trees will have to fight off.

The temperature variations can lead to stresses within the tree called frost cracking or southwest injury (the side that receives the most winter sunlight).

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