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What An Arborist Can Tell You About Your Trees

If you’re living in the Midwest, then you know that trees are extremely common, and also a major component to the area’s larger ecosystem. You likely have a number of trees of varying sizes in your own yard or around your commercial property. However, just because they’re such common fixtures doesn’t exclude them from experiencing health issues. The need to be taken care of just like any other facet of nature.

How An Arborist Can Help You Better Understand Your Trees

You All About Your Trees”
If you start to notice a visible change with some of your trees, especially when it comes to the volume of leaves or abnormal coloring, you should be contacting an arborist who can inspect various aspects of your property to determine the root cause of any potential issues. This isn’t only beneficial for specific trees, but for your entire yard, since issues impacting a tree could eventually reach other parts of your yard as well.

Diagnosing Illness or Disease
There are a few big name diseases that can directly impact different types of trees commonly found in the Minneapolis area. By hiring an arborist, they will be able to spot different diseases. One of the most common issues is emerald ash borer (or EAB). This is is an insect that attacks and can eventually kill ash trees. The larvae will tunnel into the tree’s bark, which ultimately degrades the tree’s overall health.

Another common issue an arborist can spot is apple scab. This particular diseases attacks the malus tree (what most people simply refer to as an apple tree). An arborist will be able to determine the extent of the damage by inspecting the tree leaves, buds, and fruits.

Best Practices For Trimming or Treatment
If you do end up having trees with disease, then an arborist can be invaluable as you try to figure exactly how to deal with the issue. Internal damage can be treated through various methods, but the specific approach will vary depending on the type, size, and age of the tree, along with the ailment that’s being addressed. Sometimes, certain issues might only be impacting different branches, which means the arborist can strategically trim the tree to get rid of the harmful segments.

Consultation For Removal
Whether it’s because of disease, age, or you simply need to create more space around your property, tree removal can be a relatively straightforward process if handled by a professional arborist and their team. Not only that, but safety is such an important factor. Especially if there is a much larger and taller tree, it needs to be systematically cut down and then uprooted to avoid damage to your yard and the area around your property.

Find A Seasoned Arborist To Inspect Your Trees

If you have any concerns about the quality of your yard, and especially about the trees themselves, an experienced arborist can help you determine what type of issue you might be dealing with. At Minnesota Tree Experts, we understand how to help our customers in the least invasive and most efficient way possible.