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At Minnesota Tree Experts, we pride ourselves on the ability to work together in order to make sure everyone is safe-including your property, landscape, and yard.

Trust our tree removal company to extract sick or dead trees with our trained climber or bucket truck. To remove your tree, our tree care technician will go to the top of the tree and rope limb by limb to ensure safe removal. Once the tree is down, you can request stump removal services to grind the stump down. Our equipment is turf friendly, up to date, and made to minimize damage to lawns.

We will remove any unwanted tree in your yard with our top priority in mind: SAFETY.

In addition, in order to make our clients feel safer, we also offer property damage insurance and all of the employees have workers compensation insurance.

Our company has the experience and state of the art equipment to SAFELY remove any tree while not damaging your yard. We make all of our client’s needs a priority, and we ensure that your property is in the hands of well-trained and qualified tree removal experts.



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Licensed and fully insured for your protection | We provide workers compensation insurance