Tree Trimming

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Have Minnesota Tree Experts provide you with the professional tree services you need to maintain healthy trees. Our tree trimming services will remove dead and overgrown branches on all sizes of trees. These branches will be trimmed away from your home in such a way to promote healthy growth in order to keep your trees healthy and looking great.

Improper pruning can actually do more damage to your tree than no maintenance at all, so it is very important to hire an experienced arborist that knows when and how to properly prune your trees.

Our crew has over 20 years of experience and can perform a wide array of tree trimming jobs, including:

• Canopy thinning
• Removing unwanted limbs
• Raising or lowering canopies
• Removing deadwood
• Corrective pruning
• Clearing utility or power lines of tree branches
• Trimming away from structures or houses



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