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If you’re living in the Midwest, then you know that trees are extremely common, and also a major component to the area’s larger ecosystem. You likely have a number of trees of varying sizes in your own yard or around your commercial property. However, just because they’re such common fixtures doesn’t exclude them from experiencing health issues. The need to be taken care of just like any other facet of nature.

How An Arborist Can Help You Better Understand Your Trees

You All About Your Trees”
If you start to notice a visible change with some of your trees, especially when it comes to the volume of leaves or abnormal coloring, you should be contacting an arborist who can inspect various aspects of your property to determine the root cause of any potential issues. This isn’t only beneficial for specific trees, but for your entire yard, since issues impacting a tree could eventually reach other parts of your yard as well.

Diagnosing Illness or Disease
There are a few big name diseases that can directly impact different types of trees commonly found in the Minneapolis area. By hiring an arborist, they will be able to spot different diseases. One of the most common issues is emerald ash borer (or EAB). This is is an insect that attacks and can eventually kill ash trees. The larvae will tunnel into the tree’s bark, which ultimately degrades the tree’s overall health.

Another common issue an arborist can spot is apple scab. This particular diseases attacks the malus tree (what most people simply refer to as an apple tree). An arborist will be able to determine the extent of the damage by inspecting the tree leaves, buds, and fruits.

Best Practices For Trimming or Treatment
If you do end up having trees with disease, then an arborist can be invaluable as you try to figure exactly how to deal with the issue. Internal damage can be treated through various methods, but the specific approach will vary depending on the type, size, and age of the tree, along with the ailment that’s being addressed. Sometimes, certain issues might only be impacting different branches, which means the arborist can strategically trim the tree to get rid of the harmful segments.

Consultation For Removal
Whether it’s because of disease, age, or you simply need to create more space around your property, tree removal can be a relatively straightforward process if handled by a professional arborist and their team. Not only that, but safety is such an important factor. Especially if there is a much larger and taller tree, it needs to be systematically cut down and then uprooted to avoid damage to your yard and the area around your property.

Find A Seasoned Arborist To Inspect Your Trees

If you have any concerns about the quality of your yard, and especially about the trees themselves, an experienced arborist can help you determine what type of issue you might be dealing with. At Minnesota Tree Experts, we understand how to help our customers in the least invasive and most efficient way possible.


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Do You Need a Tree Service?

You might be looking out in your front yard and noticing that your tree doesn’t look as great as it used to. Heck, you might be wondering if it’s going to last until Winter. These are both reasons that you need a tree service company to come take care of your yard. You might not expect to hear, though, that any tree in your yard needs to be regularly serviced in order to keep it healthy and looking great. Want to know some reasons that you need to hire a tree service company for your yard? Here are four reasons everyone should have their trees serviced at least once every few months.

1. Trimming Services
One thing you don’t want to do is try tree trimming yourself. If you prune your tree improperly, it can end up causing way more harm than if you hadn’t pruned it at all. The only way to make sure that your tree is receiving the care that it needs is to use a professional service with certified arborists. Knowing how and when to prune a tree can take years of school and experience, so having an experienced team on your side is the trick to getting the best pruning for your tree possible.

2. Disease Control
It’s hard to see if you don’t know the signs, but your tree might have a disease that’s consuming it from the inside out, and you might not even know it. Trees are delicate, and are more prone to disease than you think. By having an expert come by and regularly diagnose your tree, you can find and treat the illnesses that your tree may be experiencing before they become a bigger (read: safety) issue. The only way to know for sure if your tree is disease-free is to hire a certified arborist who knows what they are doing.

3. A Recent Storm
Storms can cause serious damage to your trees, making them a hazard to you and your family. It can incredibly stressful to remove them, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need certified arborists who know how to handle your specific tree by examining its damage, and for them to diagnose a way to dispose of or heal the tree, depending on how dire the situation is.

4. Your Tree is Beyond Repair
You may be looking out your window and seeing a tree that’s diseased, falling apart, and just can’t be helped anymore. Although this is unfortunate, handling the removal yourself can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t know the proper process. Make sure that you hire a certified arborist for tree removal, because doing it any other way is just unsafe. Intimate knowledge of trees that laymen simply don’t possess is required to safely dispose of any tree.

Give Your Tree the Services They Need

By providing your tree with the service that they need, you’re going to make sure that the tree looks healthy and green for years to come. A sense of pride comes with having a yard that looks great. Use a tree service so you can have a yard that you’re truly proud of.


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Are You Providing the Tree Care That Your Tree Needs?

Once you have a tree, it’s easy to ignore. I mean, what else does it do, besides just sit there and be a tree? For many homeowners, they end up going about their business if a tree is in their yard and let the tree go about theirs. The truth of the matter though is that a tree needs maintenance in order to make sure that it’s being taken care of. If you don’t provide it with the maintenance that it needs, you’re going to have a dead tree in your yard sooner than you think. You might not know it, but that can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t take care of it in a timely manner. The best thing to do is just to make sure that it doesn’t actually get to that point. Want to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to keep your tree happy? Here are three tips to take care of your tree that you can implement.

1. How to Water
If you just planted your tree, it’s going to need water immediately if you want for it to start the growing process. Whenever your tree is growing, it’s a good rule of thumb that it’s using up a lot of water. It takes a ton of energy for a tree to grow, and if you’re in the middle of the summer, it’s going to need even more. Basically you’re just trying to make sure that your tree survives and continues to grow at this point. Water until your soil is moist after the for a few years if you want for your tree to remain healthy.

2. Get a Pruning Service
Many people think that this is a service that they can handle, but if done incorrectly, pruning a tree can cause for it to be unhealthy and die in a matter of months. Correct pruning makes sure that the tree continues to grow, but it takes years of study to master. Make sure that you hire a tree trimming service with a certified arborist if you want for the job to be done correctly. These arborists spend tons of time studying and practicing to make sure that they’re providing new life to the tree during the tree pruning process. The truth of the matter is that correct pruning can do more damage than no pruning at all can do, so you need to make sure that you’re doing a good job of it.

3. Identifying Disease
If you have a service coming by to look at your tree and trim it, they’re going to be able to notice if the tree is suffering from a disease that it needs help to cure. The issue is that tree diagnostics is not something that comes easily to everyone else. In order to make sure that your tree remains healthy, you should make sure that it’s being diagnosed on a regular basis and that no treatment is required, just so you can stay ahead of any disease that the tree might have. This is one of the most important ways that you can care for your tree, because it’s the one that’s going to keep the tree disease from getting worse.

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Tree Care Tips to Get You Through Winter

You want a healthy yard year around. You know that during the Summer, you’re going to need a little bit of extra water here and there, and you’re going to have to make sure that the tree doesn’t become dehydrated. Winter is a much more complicated story depending on the climate that you live in. You’re going to need an expert to make sure that your tree gets cared for. Here are three things that you can do to make sure that your tree is getting the help that it needs.

1. Keep Your Branches From Breaking
Because they’re iced over, branches are more likely to break, especially ones that you don’t want to. The best thing to do is to make sure that the pruning on the tree is up to date, because getting rid of the more vulnerable branches ends up protecting the entire tree. If you want to keep important branches on your tree from breaking during the winter, you need to provide them with the tree trimming that they need to remain as strong as possible. Make sure that your tree isn’t wasting valuable nutrients on vulnerable branches if you want for it to remain healthy throughout the Winter.

2. Rodents
Rodents are constantly foraging for food, and during the Winter, food is more scarce than ever. That’s why it’s a good time to make sure you have reinforced fencing around the base of your tree in order to keep them out. Your tree has valuable food to them, but often, getting the food comes at the expense of the life of the tree. Make sure that you put up that fencing to keep the rodents out, it’s the best chance that you have of keeping the rodents out and keeping your tree as healthy as it can possibly be.

3. Prevent Drying Out
One of the very best things that you can do to make it so your tree doesn’t dry out during the winter is to provide it with some mulch. This is going to prevent the moisture from leaving the tree. You can also water your tree more, to make sure that the roots that are active are able to absorb as much moisture as possible. It’s okay to overwater a little bit in winter, especially if your tree isn’t accepting all of the water that you’re providing for it. Keep your tree healthy by making sure that it has the water it needs, and prevent it from drying out by using mulch.

Keep That Tree Healthy as Possible

Having a healthy yard in the Summer is matter of making sure that the tree stays healthy throughout the Winter. That’s not going to happen unless the you’re vigilante throughout the Winter to make sure that it stays healthy. Be aware of branches breaking, rodents foraging for food, and the tree drying out during the Winter because of the cold, and you’ll be able to keep it as healthy as it can possibly be.

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Taking Care of Nature Means Taking Care of Business

If you’re a homeowner, you are invested in the care and maintenance of your home in and out, top to bottom. Neglecting your yard can have some serious consequences, but don’t think that you will be the only one that has the time, or the ability to take care of your home’s greenspace. In every city that has any trees at all, there are local tree care companies that can take the worry and the burden of tree care from you with kindness and professionalism.

Storm Damage
Storms can range from mild, steady downpours that wash your car to hurricanes and tornadoes that send your car flying across the state. Storms can flood and damage lawns and shrubs, and ruin gardens and vines. High winds can burst through windows and send debris flying. If you have a tree in your yard when a severe storm hits, you may find that the force of the storm is strong enough to knock your tree down, which can damage your property. If that happens, calling an expert tree removal service is the best thing that you can do to ensure your safety, and get your home life back on track. The company will be able to quote you based on a couple of

Tree Removal
Maybe your tree was damaged, maybe you’re just tired of having to care for and maintain it, no matter how lovely it makes the rest of the block look. In either case, your local professional tree service will be there to assist you. The company will quote you based off of a few different factors, including the size of your tree and your property, and assist you with your needs.

Tree Trimming
Tree trimming, or pruning, is a vital part of properly caring for your tree. Neglecting to prune your tree’s leaves and branches can result in the spread of diseases, and in the death of healthy leaves and other branches. Some people may not understand the importance of tree trimming, and become overly concerned with the way that their tree looks, or with the way that their property could be affected by an unattractive tree. A simple explanation of the benefits of tree trimming is enough for most anyone to understand why tree trimming is not only a necessity but a priority: think of all of the reason that you prune your bushes and hedges. You want them always to be lush and green, and dress the outside of your home. Tree trimming will do the same thing for a much larger and more visible plant. Enhancing your property means getting rid of problem branches.

Tree Doctor
Just as with any other plant, diseases happen. As stated before, it is important to trim your tree to prevent the disease from spreading, but it is also a necessary step to have your tree’s illness properly treated. When you’re looking for someone to treat your trees, make sure that they can prove that they are certified to deliver the treatments. The easiest way to ensure this is to contact your local tree service professionals, and let them help you.

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Winter Tree Care – How Can I Help My Trees This Winter?

Do You Need Help With Your Winter Tree Care?

Branch Breakage

To help prevent branch breakage in the Winter, it is important that you have good Fall Maintenance done. We see branches break more often in the Winter because the wood hardens (becoming more brittle), and with the weight of snow on top of it all, branch breakages are inevitable. A solution for very small trees and shrubs that a lot of people have, might be to cover the entire tree with a sturdy tent-like housing. And, for larger evergreens, you might think about using some rope to tie up and reinforce branches.

What is Cold Stress?winter tree care

Cold Stress is caused by rapid changes in temperature that can cause damage to trees – especially more mature ones. From those kinds of extreme fluctuations to the damaging dry spells and deep freezes, there are several cold stresses your trees will have to fight off.

The temperature variations can lead to stresses within the tree called frost cracking or southwest injury (the side that receives the most winter sunlight).

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