Apple Scab

There are many diseases that can infect your trees and below are just a few you might encounter. Learn more about each disease and how we can help control it. Get in touch with an expert today!

What Is Apple Scab?

This disease attacks a Malus tree, also known as an apple tree, caused by the ascomycete fungus. Apple Scab affects the tree leaves, buds or fruits of the tree leaving dull black or grey-brown lesions. It is rare that the Apple Scab disease kills the tree itself, but can continually damage the fruits and reduce fruit yields. Once affected these fruits are less marketable because of the presence of fungal lesions.

When Does Apple Scab Comes Around?

The Apple Scab life cycle beings around springtime, when temperatures increase and are more suitable for bacteria to grow. The moisture promotes the release of V. inaequalis from leaf litter around the roots and base of the infected tree. The cycle continues into a secondary cycle of infections throughout the summer. The disease tends to decrease as the leaves fall through fall and winter.

Controlling Apple Scab

If an orchard becomes affected by Apple Scab, newer infections can be decreased by cleaning up leaf litter and trimmings that may contain the infected tissue. This will then reduce the new ascospores released in the spring. There are such chemical controls that include a variety of compounds such as Benzimidazole fungicides and many others.

Let Us Help

If you are concerned about your Malus tree and believe it may be infected by Apple Scab, get in touch with our staff at Minnesota Tree Experts. We can evaluate your situation and let you know how we can help. Call today for an estimate or to discuss your trees.



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