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3 Maintenance Tips for Tree Care

Are You Providing the Tree Care That Your Tree Needs?

Once you have a tree, it’s easy to ignore. I mean, what else does it do, besides just sit there and be a tree? For many homeowners, they end up going about their business if a tree is in their yard and let the tree go about theirs. The truth of the matter though is that a tree needs maintenance in order to make sure that it’s being taken care of. If you don’t provide it with the maintenance that it needs, you’re going to have a dead tree in your yard sooner than you think. You might not know it, but that can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t take care of it in a timely manner. The best thing to do is just to make sure that it doesn’t actually get to that point. Want to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to keep your tree happy? Here are three tips to take care of your tree that you can implement.

1. How to Water
If you just planted your tree, it’s going to need water immediately if you want for it to start the growing process. Whenever your tree is growing, it’s a good rule of thumb that it’s using up a lot of water. It takes a ton of energy for a tree to grow, and if you’re in the middle of the summer, it’s going to need even more. Basically you’re just trying to make sure that your tree survives and continues to grow at this point. Water until your soil is moist after the for a few years if you want for your tree to remain healthy.

2. Get a Pruning Service
Many people think that this is a service that they can handle, but if done incorrectly, pruning a tree can cause for it to be unhealthy and die in a matter of months. Correct pruning makes sure that the tree continues to grow, but it takes years of study to master. Make sure that you hire a tree trimming service with a certified arborist if you want for the job to be done correctly. These arborists spend tons of time studying and practicing to make sure that they’re providing new life to the tree during the tree pruning process. The truth of the matter is that correct pruning can do more damage than no pruning at all can do, so you need to make sure that you’re doing a good job of it.

3. Identifying Disease
If you have a service coming by to look at your tree and trim it, they’re going to be able to notice if the tree is suffering from a disease that it needs help to cure. The issue is that tree diagnostics is not something that comes easily to everyone else. In order to make sure that your tree remains healthy, you should make sure that it’s being diagnosed on a regular basis and that no treatment is required, just so you can stay ahead of any disease that the tree might have. This is one of the most important ways that you can care for your tree, because it’s the one that’s going to keep the tree disease from getting worse.